A Photo Essay: Solidarity in Words & Pictures


“Love Lives Here.
End White Supremacy”


The citizens of Nogojiwanong/Peterborough, Ontario, responded — a thousand-strong — to the threat of a planned white nationalist/supremacy rally in their city Sept. 30 with messages of solidarity, love, hope and the call to do “Do Something”.

JOURNEY Magazine captured its many moments in this photo essay.

“There are people who are not safe in our communities. Do something.” 

Brendan Campbell        


Charmaine Magumbe

“We cannot be silent when it comes to racism. We need to stand up to hate. We need to speak out.”


Charmaine Magumbe



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“The original people of this community were our strong, proud brown people. We welcomed you. . . This country is built on immigration. If someone wants all the immigrants to go home . . . he’s going to be on the first boat with them.”

Dawn Lavell-Harvard

Elder Jeannette Corbiere Lavell; Dawn Lavell-Harvard

“Who will stand up and speak out, no matter what the cost?”
Dawn Lavell-Harvard


“We vow to honour, listen and protect those who are targeted by colonialism, racism, Islamophobia, anti-Jewishness, and xenophobia.” 

– Statement of Unity: Nogojiwanong/Peterborough, September 2017                                                                            _____________________________



Kemi Akapo

“White allies need to speak up and say ‘no’. You have the space and the power. It’s your responsibility.”

Kemi Akapo


“We come together to respond to racism, white supremacy and neo-Nazism with a resistance that is grounded in love, justice, hope, care and creativity.

White supremacism and neo-Nazism must not be paraded un-challenged on our streets. . . We will continue this work until ONLY love lives here.”

– Statement of Unity: Nogojiwanong/Peterborough, September 2017     


Brendan Campbell: “Let’s be awesome. . .DSCN2879

DSCN2881 (2)


 and protect each other 

. . . andDSCN2876




. . . LOV one another.” 

DSCN2883 (2)       



“It’s not just white supremacists we are fighting; it’s white supremacy. There’s a bigger
force at play here.”

Desmond Cole

DSCN2841 (2)

Desmond Cole

“This is about all of us. I came from a different city to be here because I know it’s not about Toronto. It’s about Peterborough. It’s about Oshawa where I grew up. It’s about Kingston where I went to school. It’s about this entire province and this entire country.”

“I have hope because I see all of you here. There’s a lot of work to be done. We are here and that’s something to build on.”

Video by Brendan Burke

DSCN2801 (2)


 “I always thought Peterborough was a bad place for Native people to live. Yesterday that changed.”

Little Bear (at Confederation Park, Sunday, Oct. 1)




“We cannot
be broken when we are united.”

Dawn Lavell-Harvard

Photography by Melodie McCullough

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