Acknowledgement of Indigenous Land

As an underpinning ethos of JOURNEY Magazine Ptbo, we would like to emphasize the importance and responsibility of our continuous awareness, reflection, and gratitude toward the land upon which we live, work and play.

We uphold our community as the traditional territory of the Misi-zaagiing Anishinaabe as well as Haudenosaunee Indigenous peoples, who for thousands of years and countless generations have maintained and protected its life and beauty. We also recognize this soil as settled and colonized Indigenous territory with a suppressed history of stolen land, treaty infringements, exploitation, violence and racism that continues to this day. Equally, we accentuate the continued vibrancy and resilience of Indigenous peoples locally and across Turtle Island, along with, still, their willingness to welcome and share with settlers and visitors in the hope of advancing a thriving community for all.

We are privileged to make our home in Nogojiwanong, ‘the place at the end of the rapids’ of the Odoonabii-ziibi, ‘the river that beats like a heart’; historically a meeting place where different First Nations would come together in exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Not only do we acknowledge this land’s histories and present, but we commit to our responsibilities to its future. In addition to reconciliation and restitution, we believe that an appreciation for First Peoples’ values and ways of life, and their emphasis on the power of one another’s differences across identities to achieve common growth, is needed for the collective benefit of our community, future generations, and world around us.

Chi miigwetch (Thank you very much)