Dr. Lynn Gehl

“6(1)(a) All the Way”: Lynn Gehl Continues Fight Against Indian Act Sex-Discrimination

By Melodie McCullough (For an update on Bill S-3 see: https://www.change.org/p/canadian-government-remove-all-of-the-sex-discrimination-in-the-indian-status-registration-provisions-of-the-indian-act-enough-is-enough/u/20879596?) After 32 years of fighting the Canadian government over sex-discrimination in the Indian Act — and an Ontario Court of […]

Understanding Intersectionality

© By Dr. Lynn Gehl Introducing Intersectionality When creating a more liberating world inclusive of all people, an intersectionality lens, or an intersectionality methodology, is required. Intersectionality theory was first articulated by Black women who were dissatisfied with the efforts and knowledge emerging from White feminism as it fails to […]