Our goal at JOURNEY Magazine Ptbo is to explore and report on local and global gender and social issues from our home base in Peterborough/Nogojiwanong, Ontario, Canada. As we celebrate the many beautiful voices of our neighbourhoods and around the world, we hope to provide insight towards, at times, serious issues; we hope to make you aware of available community resources; and we hope to further the discussion towards possible solutions where needed. We also share the stories of those who are contributing to our communities and inspiring others to “make a difference”.

We have chosen to support the Red Pashmina Inc, (RPI), a local grass-roots initiative, which speaks for women in our community and globally. Many of the women you will meet on these pages are part of its local Women of Impact project. By selling its red pashminas, RPI supports locally the Peterborough New Canadians Centre. In 2016, RPC gave over $4,000 to the Centre’s Syrian Refugee Fund. Globally, sales of pashminas have raised thousands of dollars to support the education of women and children in Afghanistan, through a collaboration with Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan.  With this in mind, a portion of profits from JOURNEY Magazine are donated to Red Pashmina Inc. to continue its good work. We also feature stories from and about Afghanistan. 

JOURNEY Magazine is a community-based online magazine that values the stories, work, efforts, and struggles from the perspective of a diversity of genders. The writing style emerges from a story-telling framework. While the focus is usually on women’s stories, the writing style does not emerge from a hard-core critical theoretical feminist framework. That said, some of the contributors do write from critical theoretical perspective using a story-telling approach to explain complex issues. It may be good to keep in mind that grounded critical thinking believes that not all writing emerges from a critical theoretical paradigm, and also values that critical thinking is more than criticizing.

JOURNEY Magazine Ptbo (McCullough Communications)
Publisher/Editor/Senior Writer: Melodie McCullough
JOURNEY Magazine Ptbo welcomes your thoughts and ideas. Send your letters to journeyptbo@gmail.com. All letters must be signed, addressed and show a telephone number or e-mail address where the writer can be contacted. The editor reserves the right to edit or reject letters.
Ideas and opinions expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of Red Pashmina Inc.
McCullough Communications assumes no responsibility for and errors and/or omissions related to the context of JOURNEY Magazine Ptbo. Viewpoints of writers, contributors and advertisers are not necessarily the viewpoints of McCullough Communications.
Downie Wenjack Fundraiser May 11 2018 (13) Melodie

Melodie McCullough, Honours Bachelor of Journalism (she/her)

McCullough Communications reserves the right to edit, reject or comment on all material contributed. No portion of JOURNEY Magazine Ptbo may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher, but we encourage the reproduction of material for educational, non-profit purposes.



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