JOVANNA’S JOURNAL An Inspirational Message from Jovanna Soligo

This Moment

By Jovanna Soligo

I have a Balinese bell that sits on my altar in my studio.  When I pick it up and ring it, the air in the room fills with a clear resonance.

jovannas-bellSomething shifts inside me when I listen to that bell. I can’t help but take a deep breath and sit up straight listening until I can no longer hear even a faint wave of sound.  

 I am enlivened in the moments of listening.   

You don’t need a Balinese bell to bring you into the present moment.   

Let water show you the way.
Pour yourself a big glass of water.
Take a sip and tune into the purity and lusciousness of the liquid that bubbles up from deep within the earth before it offers itself to you.  Let yourself be enlivened by each thirst quenching moment.  

Let sun show you the way.
Find a place in your home where the sun shines in through a window or step outside directly into its rays. Close your eyes and feel its heat on your face. Let yourself be enlivened by the warmth of the moment.  

 Let your senses show you the way.
Taste the slice of apple. Touch the fur of a cat. Look at the flower.  Smell the lemon.  Listen to the wind. 

Tune into the moment and let yourself come to life! 

 jovanna's face
Jovanna Soligo is a mentor to women who live from the heart. She
creates simple practices that open the way to their dreams and she performs ceremonies for healing and celebration.  Jovanna is a certified Life Cycle Celebrant and an ordained  Wedding Officiant. Learn more at



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