JOVANNA’S JOURNAL: An Inspirational Message from Jovanna Soligo


The Voice of Inner Wisdom

by Jovanna Soligo

Jovann's photo, summer 2016

Do you find it challenging to make important decisions?  Once you’ve made a decision do you find yourself second-guessing it, and what felt clear begins to feel clouded with doubt?

All of us have a chorus of voices inside of us vying for attention but it’s up to us to choose which voice gets to be the soloist.

When you’re making important decisions you need to find ways to support the voice of your inner wisdom, the voice that is calling you to thrive rather than just survive, the voice that speaks through your heart rather than your mind.

I find that voice when I’m sitting in front of a candle, or when I’m talking to a trusted friend.  I find that voice when I’m in the presence of nature.

A few summers ago when I was in the midst of making an important decision, I was on a morning bike ride but I wasn’t able to enjoy it because I felt tortured by the constant back and forth of my mind.
I parked my bike and leaned it against a bridge.  I scampered down a path that led into the woods along side a stream.  Sitting near flowing water always quiets my mind so that my heart has room to speak.

I found a place to sit on the root of a tree near the water and then I heard voices on the main trail. They were talking animatedly and when a woman started singing I thought to myself. “I hope they’re not taking my bike!”

I decided not to feed the fear. I was here to tune into my heart.

I placed my attention on the movement of the stream, so gentle so beautiful. The cedar branches that were hanging over the stream were fragrant.  I sighed and I felt myself calming.

Here in this place by the stream I felt supported and clear again and I knew in that moment the decision I needed to make.

When I returned to the trail I was happy to find that my bike was just where I left it.

It wasn’t until I started riding home that I realized the significance of the song the woman was singing…

“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,

I can see all obstacles in my way.

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

It’s gonna be a bright, bright

Sun-Shiny day.”

What is it that your inner wisdom wants to say?

Can you hear it in the presence of a candle?

Is it drawn forth in quiet meditation during the inhalation and exhalation of your breath?

Is it awaiting you in nature or in a conversation with a trusted friend or mentor?

Go there.

jovanna's face

Jovanna Soligo is a mentor to women who live from the heart. She creates simple practices that open the way to their dreams and she performs ceremonies for healing and celebration.  Jovanna is a certified Life Cycle Celebrant and an ordained  Wedding Officiant. Learn more at

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