Six Tasks You Can Do To Support the “6(1)a All the Way!” Campaign

Submitted by Lynn Gehl

1.) Email or phone Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Justice Minister David Lametti, Minister for Women and Gender Equality Maryam Monsef, and Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Carolyn Bennett, asking them to implement the UN Human Rights Committee decision in McIvor and pass an Order in Council bringing the outstanding provisions of Bill S-3 into force.

Here is a suggested text:

I am contacting you to call for the immediate removal of all sex discrimination from the Indian Act. I urge you to bring the outstanding sections of Bill S-3 into force before June 21, 2019. Discrimination against First Nations women has no place in Canada.

Email addresses and telephone numbers:; telephone: 613-992-4211; telephone: 613-995-9666; telephone: 613-995-6411; telephone: 613-943-6636

2.) Cabinet meets every Tuesday. Send your email once a week, marking it in the subject line ANY TUESDAY.

3.) Join Dr. Lynn Gehl in her campaign “17 Tuesdays for 6(1)a All the Way!” through #17Tuesdays:

4.) Use Twitter and Facebook to support this campaign. Use the hashtags #17 Tuesdays or #AnyTuesday.

5.) Sign on to the Quebec Native Women’s petition here:

6.) Forward this message to your networks through newsletters, email, and social media.

For more information on the “6(1)a All the Way!” Campaign visit the Feminist Alliance for International Action:

Gwen Broadsky Sharon McIvor Shelagh Day June 2010

Left to right: Gwen Brodsky, Sharon McIvor, and Shelagh Day 2010 (Photo credit: Lynn Gehl)



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