Peace in Afghanistan?

Short-term Ceasefire Brings High Hopes 

By Khamosh


After decades of war and bloodshed, Afghanistan has witnessed an unprecedented

ceasefire by the two sides of the war. A few days ago, the president of Afghanistan,

Ashraf Ghani, announced that from 27th Ramadan to 5th Eid the Security Forces

will not attack the Afghan Taliban. And, some days later, the Taliban also

announced that for three days of Eid, it will not attack Afghan forces. The militants

said foreign forces would be excluded from the ceasefire and that operations

against them would continue. They also said they would defend themselves against

any attack.

Many Afghan people are very happy for this decision of both sides and they hope

that this decision with provide a chance for permanent peace. They hope that the

pleasure of shedding no Afghan blood in Eid becomes so overwhelming that the rest

of year is also declared as Afghan Eid. Eid is the biggest festival of Muslims, when

families visit each other’s homes, enjoy feasting and in Afghanistan tend graves of

fallen loved ones. The Taliban have launched attacks during Eid in the past. 

More than 22 armed groups are active currently. ISIS is growing day by day.

But the main point is that just three days of ceasefire is not the solution to the

current situation and in Afghanistan it is not just the Taliban who are active. More

than 22 armed groups are active currently. ISIS is growing day by day. They

threaten our people’s life. Recently they gave a warning to all schools in Nangarhar.

So we should not have hopes of peace from them.


Before that, people were happy to see the arrival (after 20 years in exile) of

Gulbuddin Hikmatyar (an Afghan politician and former warload) in Kabul,

thinking that the security situation would improve. However, it has gotten worse.

Now some people believe that it is in the hands of America. If America wanted to

bring security to Afghanistan, it could bring it in one day. But it is benefiting from 

the current situation and does not want security here.


The reasons why we don’t have hope for peace recently or soon: 

  1. The armed groups are from other countries, and are supported by other countries. They cannot make their own decisions. 

  1. Here there is no democratic strong party that people can gather around and people always doubt political parties because they have bad memories of them in past. 

  1. The current government of Afghanistan is also corrupt, so if we have high corruption in our Government, how can bring peace to our society? 

  1. Poverty is another reason of  insecurity: when people cannot find the work they join the armed groups. 




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