On the Ground in Afghanistan: The Children of Nangarhar

By Khamosh in Afghanistan

Children are a power linked with the future of society. If a society invests in its children they will  have a bright future. Unfortunately, in Afghanistan everything is different. Children don’t have any value or purpose, and sometimes this turns into destruction, and other wrong activities. So people use this to say children are foolish or rude.

Of course the main reason is poverty. Their parents are not able to provide an education for them. There are lots of innocent children who have undertaken feeding their family members in Nangarhar (a province in the North Eastern part of Afghanistan), and cannot achieve education for a bright future. Some other innocent children are working as laborers to get the daily necessities of life.

The children who do go to school are faced with a lot of problems. There are no buildings, no chairs, and not enough books in the schools. That is another reason they are not interested in learning. One other big problem in our society is that most people are sexist. Most people deter their daughters from education as that is a traditional issue. Because of that we have much fewer educated girls, especially in Pashtun places.

The Government of Afghanistan also does not have any clear plan for the future of Afghan children. Life is hopeless for every one.


Naveed is a child who should go to school, but poverty will not allow him to do so. All day he shines people’s shoes to gain some money for his family.

The Surkh Rod District of Nangarhar has more than 100 brick factories, employing mostly poor families who take loans from factory owners and then struggle for years — sometimes generations — to pay off their debt. Often entire families, including children, are forced to work to pay off these loans. As a result the children are taken out of school. 

“They come from morning to evening and work as laborers to pay their debts.”

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